Stephanos Vlachos

Assistant Professor,
Department of Economics,
University of Vienna


About me

I’m an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Vienna, Austria. My primary research interest is in the political economy of radical movements. 

More precisely, I'm interested in the short- and long-run determinants of political preferences and how these preferences express themselves in observable voting behavior.

I mainly study these questions empirically using historical data.
I'm convinced that sufficient knowledge of historical events can help identify quasi-natural experiments that can be exploited to answer a broad range of questions that are policy relevant nowadays.

Research fields 

Political Economy, Public Economics, Economic History

Economic Aryanization in the city of Bordeaux (with J. Senn and J. Tolvanen)

Far-right ownership in the printed press and public policy (with M. Couttenier, S. Hatte, and T. Taylor)

Political Economy (MA) – University of Vienna
Why do people vote? Are elections a device through which voters discipline politicians? Or are they a way for voters to express their preferences? How can the media influence the political process? In this course we try to answer such questions both theoretically and empirically.

Quantitative Economic History (BA) – University of Vienna
The aim of this course is to introduce the measures used in long-run applied economic history, their theoretical underpinnings, and their implications in empirical research. The course covers both theoretical and empirical research.


Stephanos Vlachos
Department of Economics
University of Vienna